What is STREAM?

STREAM is a collaboration of researchers who share a common set of principles about the goals and methods for studying clinical translation. We apply empirical and philosophical tools for addressing scientific, ethical, and policy challenges in the development and translation of health technologies. Our members work in ethics, epidemiology, biology, psychology, and various medical specialties. The network is centered at McGill University, and has affiliates throughout North America and abroad.

Hiring at STREAM!

STREAM is inviting applications for a postdoctoral research fellow (PDF). The position requires a background a background in clinical trials or ethics. The project will examine how risk, benefit, burdens, and clinical hypotheses evolve as new drugs are developed- and whether there are ways to improve efficiencies in clinical development. The project will also apply forecast methods.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Biomedical Ethics & Meta-Research


Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in MIT Technology Review

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in Reuters Health

Latest STREAM research covered on NPR’s All Things Considered (read here or listen here), and appears in the news briefs of Nature's The week in science: 30 June–6 July 2017. You can also check out the original paper in PLOS Biology, take a look at our leaderboard, or read Dr. Kimmelman's blog post on the back story behind the project.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in Retraction Watch, commenting on the retraction of the much-debated blockchain paper from F1000. Blog post here.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in La Presse, Daz, and CNN, following a publication with PhD student Carole Federico in Nature. The story has also been picked up STAT, Science Daily, and MSN

Dr. Kimmelman was also interviewed for CBC's Second Opinion

Our Latest Publications

Kimmelman J, Carlisle B, Gönen M. Drug Development at the Portfolio Level Is Important for Policy, Care Decisions and Human Protections. JAMA. August 2017. DOI:10.1001/jama.2017.11502

Our Latest Publications

Benjamin D, Mandel D, Kimmelman J. Can cancer researchers accurately judge whether preclinical reports will reproduce? PLOS Biology June 29, 2017.

Our Latest Publications

Hakala A, Fergusson D, Kimmelman J. Nonpublication of trial results for new neurological drugs: A systematic review. Annals of Neurology, 2017.

Our Latest Publications

Kimmelman J, Resnik DB, Peppercorn J, Ratain MJ. Burdensome Research Procedures in Trials: Why Less is More. JNCI. 2017. DOI:https://doi.org/10.1093/jnci/djw315

Our Latest Publications

Mattina J, Carlisle B, Hachem Y, Fergusson D, Kimmelman J. Inefficiencies and Patient Burdens in the Development of the Targeted Cancer Drug Sorafenib: A Systematic Review. PLOS Biology February 3, 2017.

Our Latest Publications

Kimmelman J. and Federico C. Consider drug efficacy before first-in-human trials. Nature January 30, 2017.

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