What is STREAM?

STREAM is a collaboration of researchers who share a common set of principles about the goals and methods for studying clinical translation. We apply empirical and philosophical tools for addressing scientific, ethical, and policy challenges in the development and translation of health technologies. Our members work in ethics, epidemiology, biology, psychology, and various medical specialties. The network is centered at McGill University, and has affiliates throughout North America and abroad.

Seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow in Biomedical Ethics / Clinical Trials

STREAM is inviting applications for a postdoctoral research fellow with a background in research ethics, epidemiology, biostatistics, or meta-research.

See here for more details on the position and application process.

Our Latest Publications

Carlisle BG, Doussau A, Kimmelman J. Benefit, burden, and impact for a cohort of post-approval cancer combination trialsClinical Trials. October 3, 2019.

Our Latest Publications

Kimmelman J. Phase I trials as therapeutic options: (usually) a betrayal of evidence-based medicineNature Reviews Clinical Oncology. August 30, 2019.

Our Latest Publications

London AJ, Kimmelman J. Clinical Trial Portfolios: A Critical Oversight in Human Research Ethics, Drug Regulation, and Policy. Hastings Center Report. August 20, 2019.

Our Latest Publications

MacPherson A, Kimmelman J. Ethical development of stem-cell-based interventions. Nature Medicine. July 3, 2019.

Our Latest Publications

Pratte M, Ganeshamoorthy S, Carlisle B, Kimmelman J. How well are Phase 2 cancer trial publications supported by preclinical efficacy evidence? International Journal of Cancer. May 14, 2019.

Our Latest Publications

Federico C, Wang T, Doussau A, Mogil J, Fergusson D, Kimmelman J. Assessment of Pregabalin Postapproval Trials and the Suggestion of Efficacy for New Indications: A Systematic Review. JAMA Internal Medicine. January 1, 2019.

Press coverage:

When Clinical Trials Are Marketing Ploys, Not Science. Forbes. November 28, 2018.

Unconfirmed exploratory trials after approvals may cause too much off-label prescribing. STAT News. December 12, 2018.


Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in Nature on the use of registries for preclinical trials.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in Chemistry World on the hype surrounding unproven stem-cell based interventions.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in Bloomberg on the ethics of genetic medicine.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in STAT News on a study of a diagnostic cancer test published with missing data.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in Nature on the recent gene-edited baby scandal and the new Chinese regulations being implemented as a consequence.

STAT News and Forbes cover research published by doctoral candidate Carole Federico and Jonathan Kimmelman on how post-approval exploratory trials can influence off-label prescribing.

Jonathan Kimmelman interviewed on CTV's Your Morning on Monday and quoted in CBC Second Opinion on a recent study revealing the requests scientists make to statisticians to fudge data.

Jonathan Kimmelman interviewed by Radio Canada about a controversial pediatric cancer study conducted at Montreal's Ste-Justine Hospital.

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