What is STREAM?

STREAM is a collaboration of researchers who share a common set of principles about the goals and methods for studying clinical translation. We apply empirical and philosophical tools for addressing scientific, ethical, and policy challenges in the development and translation of health technologies. Our members work in ethics, epidemiology, biology, psychology, and various medical specialties. The network is centered at McGill University, and has affiliates throughout North America and abroad.

Hiring at STREAM!

Post-doctoral fellow in Biomedical Ethics / Decision Science

STREAM is seeking a PDF in biomedical ethics / decision science, with a background in judgment and decision-making. Special consideration will be given to candidates knowledgeable in research ethics, statistics, or meta-science. Please see job posting for more details.


STREAM is seeking a full-time RA starting summer 2018

Interested in bioethics and medical research? Studies of Translation, Ethics and Medicine (STREAM) is seeking applicants for a full-time, paid research assistant (RA) to pursue projects investigating how research communities negotiate the risks and benefits of drug development. Interested students must be in their last year of study and be willing to start full-time in summer 2018; candidates will be expected to commit to 1-2 years at STREAM. The RA will be given projects that are expected to result in co-authored publications in major medical journals, and will also be responsible for handling some administrative work related to lab activities. STREAM particularly welcomes applications from students pursuing majors in the biomedical sciences, who would also be able to start work part-time (5-15 hrs/wk) in the winter semester of 2018. Learn more about us at translationalethics.com. To apply, please forward a CV, an unofficial transcript, and a writing sample to: jonathan.kimmelman@mcgill.ca and esther.vinarov@mail.mcgill.ca with the subject heading “Full Time RA position.”

Our Latest Publications

Marcin Waligora, Malgorzata M. Bala , Magdalena Koperny, Mateusz T. Wasylewski, Karolina Strzebonska, Rafał R. Jaeschke, Agnieszka Wozniak, Jan Piasecki, Agnieszka Sliwka, Jerzy W. Mitus, Maciej Polak, Dominika Nowis, Dean Fergusson, Jonathan Kimmelman. Risk and surrogate benefit for pediatric Phase I trials in oncology: A systematic review with meta-analysis. PLoS Medicine. February 2018.


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