What is STREAM?

STREAM is a collaboration of researchers who share a common set of principles about the goals and methods for studying clinical translation. We apply empirical and philosophical tools for addressing scientific, ethical, and policy challenges in the development and translation of health technologies. Our members work in ethics, epidemiology, biology, psychology, and various medical specialties. The network is centered at McGill University, and has affiliates throughout North America and abroad.

Our Latest Publications

Atanasov P, Diamantaras A, MacPherson A, Vinarov E, Benjamin DM, Shrier I, Paul F, Dirnagl U, Kimmelman J. Wisdom of the expert crowd prediction of response for 3 neurology randomized trials. Neurology, 2020.

Our Latest Publications

Kane PB, Benjamin DM, Barker RA, Lang AE, Sherer T, & Kimmelman J. Forecasts for the Attainment of Major Research Milestones in Parkinson’s Disease. Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, Apr 24, 2020.

Our Latest Publications

Zhang SX, Fergusson D, Kimmelman J. Proportion of Patients in Phase 1 Oncology Trials Receiving Treatments that are Ultimately ApprovedJournal of the National Cancer Institute. April 1, 2020.

Press coverage:

A New Look at the Dose-Response Relationship in Phase 1 Oncology Trials, Cancer Therapy Advisor, May 13, 2020.

Our Latest Publications

Carlisle BG, Doussau A, Kimmelman J. Patient burden and clinical advances associated with postapproval monotherapy cancer drug trials: a retrospective cohort studyBMJ Open. February 17, 2020.

Our Latest Publications

Federico C, Mogil JS, Ramsay T, Fergusson DA, Kimmelman J. A systematic review and meta-analysis of pregabalin preclinical studiesPain. January 22, 2020.

Our Latest Publications

Hutchinson N, Vinarov E, Iasonos A, Kimmelman J. Ethical and Policy Issues for Seamless Phase I Oncology TrialsJournal of Clinical Oncology. December 26, 2019.

Our Latest Publications

Feustel AC, MacPherson A, Fergusson DA, Kieburtz K, Kimmelman J. Risks and benefits of unapproved, disease-modifying treatments for neurodegenerative disease. Neurology. December 2, 2019.

Published commentary:

Rezak M, de Carvalho M. Disease modification in neurodegenerative diseases: Not quite there yetNeurology. December 2, 2019.


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Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in STAT News on the ethical questions surrounding patient funding of clinical trials.

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Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in Wired on the costs of making treatment decisions based on preliminary findings.

Zeit Online, Morgenbladet, Mercury News, Radio Canada, Scientific American, Le Devoir, El Mundo, Der Spiegel, Dagens Nyheter, and The Washington Post cover research published by Jonathan Kimmelman and collaborator Alex John London in Science on the scientific standards for pandemic research.

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Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in Chemistry World on the hype surrounding unproven stem-cell based interventions.

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