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In Excel or OpenOffice

Start by preparing your data set in a spreadsheet programme of your choice.

The first row of your spreadsheet should have the same headings as the following example. Note that the case is important.

id label year colour shape size border row
1 A 2009 green circle 1.5 cm thick RCC
2 B 2010 green circle 1 cm thick RCC
3 C 2013 red circle 1 cm dashed Melanoma

Put each node in your diagram on a different row in your table, as in the example above, then export as a tab-delimited text file.

You may also include columns for "x_offset" and "y_offset" (underscore, not hyphen). You might want this in the case that you have overlapping nodes. Specify the number of cm to move the node along the x- or y-axes.

The AERO generator is free and open source software released under GPL v 2 and originally written by Benjamin Carlisle and Andrew Chung, STREAM research group, McGill University.