STREAM is presently hiring! (Update 2023-09-13)

McGill Dept. of Equity, Ethics and Policy / Studies of Translation, Ethics, and Medicine (STREAM) is inviting applications for postdoctoral research fellow (PDF) for highly interdisciplinary research. Appropriate backgrounds include the social sciences, philosophy, decision sciences or epidemiology. Priority will be given to candidates with demonstrated knowledge of drug trials and a penchant for interdisciplinary work.

Applications should be sent electronically to:

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What is STREAM?

STREAM is a collaboration of researchers who share a common set of principles about the goals and methods for studying clinical translation. We apply empirical and philosophical tools for addressing scientific, ethical, and policy challenges in the development and translation of health technologies. Our members work in ethics, epidemiology, biology, psychology, and various medical specialties. The network is centered at McGill University, and has affiliates throughout North America and abroad.

Our Latest Publications

Bicer S, Hutchinson N, Feldhake E, Nelson A, Oliviero E, Waligóra M, Kimmelman J. Timing for First-in-Minor Clinical Trials of New Cancer Drugs.  J Pediatr. 2023 Aug 30:113705. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2023.113705

Our Latest Publications

London AJ, Kane PB, Kimmelman J. Varieties of community uncertainty and clinical equipoise. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal. 2023;33(1):1-9

Our Latest Publications

Yu M, Montroy J, Fergusson D, Lalu MM, Kimmelman J. Matured Forecast Analyses for" Systematic and narrative review lead experts to different cancer trial predictions". Journal of clinical epidemiology. 2023 May 19:S0895-4356.

Our Latest Publications

Kimmelman J, Mandel DR, Benjamin DM. Predicting Clinical Trial Results: A Synthesis of Five Empirical Studies and Their Implications. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine. 2023;66(1):107-28.

Our Latest Publications

Moyer H, Bittlinger M, Nelson A, Fernandez L, Sheng J, Wang Y, Del Paggio JC, Kimmelman J. Bypassing phase 2 in cancer drug development erodes the risk/benefit balance in phase 3 trials. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 2023 Apr 5.

Our Latest Publications

Ouimet C, Bouche G, Kimmelman J. Diminishing clinical impact for post-approval cancer clinical trials: A retrospective cohort study. Plos one. 2022 Sep 12.

Our Latest Publications

Hutchinson N, Moyer H, Zarin DA, Kimmelman J. The proportion of randomized controlled trials that inform clinical practice. eLife. 2022 Aug 17.


Jonathan Kimmelman quoted by The Boston Globe about expensive and unproven cancer drugs.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted by Science News about the lack of  reproducibility of pre-clinical cancer biology research.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted by The Globe and Mail about the affordability and regulation of regenerative medicine.

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Jonathan Kimmelman quoted by The Harvard Crimson about reproducibility in science.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted by CBC's Radio Canada about the impact of scientific papers published on pre-print servers.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in The National Post about Canada's decision to deviate from the dose schedules validated in clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine administration.

Jonathan Kimmelman quoted in La Presse about the ethics of placebo-controlled clinical trials for approved COVID-19 vaccines.

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