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Active Protocols

The Prevalence and Impact of Skipping Direct Evaluation of Efficacy Before Phase 3 Trials in Cancer.

What do cystic fibrosis researchers and patients think the future of cystic fibrosis will look like? 

Geographic Diversity of Subjects in Pivotal Studies for FDA Approved Drugs: An Analysis of Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Neurological Drugs Approved between 2012-2019

Expert and Lay Perceptions of Translation of COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Development: STREAM_COVID_Prediction [pdf]

Testing interventions to improve the skill of clinical oncologists and researchers to predict clinical trial outcomes [.pdf]

Can Cancer Experts Accurately Forecast the Replication of Cancer Biology Experiments? [.pdf]

Uncertainties and risk in planning translational trials

Can Researchers Accurately Predict Trial Outcomes? An Empirical Investigation

Publication of Trials Involving Unsuccessful Interventions: An Empirical and Ethical Analysis

Animals, Humans, and the Continuity of Evidence: A Study of Clinical Translation [.pdf]

Signal, Safety, and Success: An Analysis of Risk, Benefit, and Translation after Detection of Clinical Activity in Drug Development [.pdf]

Concordance between preclinical and clinical outcomes and laboratory practices

How well can pre-clinical stroke researchers replicate effect sizes in their experiments? A meta-analysis of “accidental replications” [Timestamp]


The persistence and burden of flagging drug development paradigms: An exploratory analysis of VEGF Inhibition in breast cancer [Timestamp]

An Audit Of Validity Threats In The Design And Publication Of Predictive And Prognostic Cancer Studies [Timestamp]

What is the real cost of cancer drug development? [Timestamp]

How Targeted is Personalized Drug Development? The Translation Trajectories of Imatinib, Dasatinib and Nilotinib [Timestamp]

How well can pre-clinical stroke researchers replicate effect sizes in their experiments? A metaanalysis of “accidental replications” [Timestamp]


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