Expert and Lay Perceptions of Translation of COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Development: STREAM_COVID_Prediction [pdf]

Testing interventions to improve the skill of clinical oncologists and researchers to predict clinical trial outcomes [.pdf]

The persistence and burden of flagging drug development paradigms: An exploratory analysis of VEGF Inhibition in breast cancer [Timestamp]

Can Cancer Experts Accurately Forecast the Replication of Cancer Biology Experiments? [.pdf]

Uncertainties and risk in planning translational trials

Can Researchers Accurately Predict Trial Outcomes? An Empirical Investigation

Publication of Trials Involving Unsuccessful Interventions: An Empirical and Ethical Analysis

Animals, Humans, and the Continuity of Evidence: A Study of Clinical Translation [.pdf]

An Ethical Analysis of Risk, Design and Prediction

Signal, Safety, and Success: An Analysis of Risk, Benefit, and Translation after Detection of Clinical Activity in Drug Development [.pdf]

Evolution of Biomarker Evidence in Personalized Cancer Medicine

How Researchers Decide Trial Initiation in Novel Research Arenas

Relationship Between Preclinical and Clinical Outcomes in Pain Drug Development

Concordance between preclinical and clinical outcomes and laboratory practices

How well can pre-clinical stroke researchers replicate effect sizes in their experiments? A meta-analysis of “accidental replications” [Timestamp]

An Audit Of Validity Threats In The Design And Publication Of Predictive And Prognostic Cancer Studies [Timestamp]

What is the real cost of cancer drug development? [Timestamp]

How Targeted is Personalized Drug Development? The Translation Trajectories of Imatinib, Dasatinib and Nilotinib [Timestamp]

How well can pre-clinical stroke researchers replicate effect sizes in their experiments? A metaanalysis of “accidental replications” [Timestamp]


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